What are Checkups?

Get critical organizational health data quickly!

In God we trust; all others bring data.

Edwards Deming

Is your organizational health measured? Is it holistic? Is it clearly measurable and quantifiable? Most importantly, is it actionable? If not, let us introduce you to a new way to measure, action, and reinforce the health of your organization. Most importantly, let’s do this while equipping your leaders with new skills to do this themselves in future.

… And all in a highly engaging and fun approach called “Checkups”.

We offer various level of Agile Health Checkups depending on the size and needs of your organization:

  1. Agile Team Checkup
  2. Agile Program Checkup
  3. Agile Product Checkup
  4. Agile Portfolio Checkup
  5. Agile DevOps Checkup
  6. Agile Enterprise Checkup

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