99.2% client satisfaction

Results speak for themselves. Clients love our training, our services, our workshops, and our consulting.

99.2% expressed having a great experience with over 60% using the highest rating “Excellent”! *

Here is some of their feedback (anonymous):

Within about two minutes, it was very clear that [VT] possessed deep expertise in managing change in an evolving environment. He convened and shared his knowledge on how to transform teams and organizations in a very practical, easy to understand manner. He cares about your end result, making sure you’ll perform better by providing you the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing climate.

[VT] did a fantastic job. He encouraged interaction which was great and he was able to answer all our questions and help us relate to our own work environment.

[VT] is a great instructor. Our group participation was very involved and Adam was able to keep us focused on the training material.

In depth knowledge , we did not feel the time go by. A very knowledgeable and resourceful trainer who covers all the topics very effectively.

Great Instructor, very thorough.

The instructor was able to link practice and theory in a nice way, and demonstrated that he is updated about market trends of SAFe in other industries too.

Which begs a question… What about the remaining 0.8% client participants?

Regardless if they were simply not having a good day or if they didn’t like our services… we want to hear from them. Our response is still the same “How can we keep improving?”

So what are you waiting for? Involve us to solve your biggest organizational challenges!

*Client evaluation was captured through a third party anonymous survey (to capture unbiased most accurate results) after the service was delivered.

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