Helping nonprofits evolve quickly via Biz Agility Executive Bootcamp

This extraordinary holiday season my business partner and I thought about how fortunate we are. Our business remained strong during COVID. We pondered meaningful ways to give back to nonprofits. We considered just sending donations but wanted something that provides a much greater and longer-term impact. We asked ourselves…

How can we best help organizations, especially nonprofits, in these unique circumstances?

  • Many suffered significant revenue losses and consequently reduced their budgets
  • Many need to pivot quite quickly regardless of their organizational or product / service complexity
  • Many need to change their organizational culture in the least invasive way in the midst of these very uncertain times
  • They need to evolve fast. It’s a matter of organizational survival… and in some cases a personal one as well

This is not the first time we asked this question. Some of you may recall the COVID 19 Resilience Workshop we created and shared freely in March 2020.

Here is what we came up with…

  • The least invasive and most effective method of promoting sustainable long-term transformation is through education… rapid workshops that contain both principles and practical application
  • The knowledge they need the most if Business Agility… help transform how an organization functions (more so then typical team Agility training) at mid-management and higher executive level
  • The fastest format is an accelerated bootcamp provided remotely
  • The bootcamp provides a credible and globally recognizable certification

Flexible Executive Bootcamp Format

Take one or the other or both of the sessions below depending on your needs! All sessions are provided virtually.

  • Day 1 & 2: Accelerated Business Agility Workshop
    • Understand the key organizational culture / mindset shifts your organization needs to make
    • Learn new Lean Agile Product Strategy, Planning, & Management practices including Google Ventures Design Sprint, Lean Product Canvas, & Product Planning Kanban Board
    • Discover best practices for quickly integrating your Finance, Procurement Compliance, HR, & management including Agile OKRs, Dynamic Funding, and Progressive RFPs
    • Explore the most popular scaled Agile frameworks including SAFe, Lean Kanban, & Spotify
    • Develop your personal 3 to 6 months organizational Agility transformation plan
  • Day 3 to 5: Certified Scaled Agility for Leaders course (“Leading SAFe“)… the best Business Agility course designed specifically for organizational leaders from world’s leading Scaled Agile Framework
    • Thrive in the Digital Age with Business Agility
    • Become a Lean-Agile Leader
    • Build Solutions with Agile Product Delivery
    • Explore Lean Product / Portfolio Management
    • Establish Team and Technical Agility

Important! If you’ve never received any Agile training, Day 1 & 2 Workshop will fulfill pre-requisite requirements for the Day 3 to 5 course.

Unprecedented $100 per day to cover our costs

We’re only expecting to cover our costs. Typically we and other organizations charge $1,000+ CAD for these courses (link if you’re curious).

  • DONE! Registrations closed for January Bootcamp (max. 20 people)
    • DONE! Monday January 18 to Tuesday 19 Business Agility Workshop and
    • DONE! Wednesday January 20 to Friday 22 Certified Scaled Agility for Leaders
  • PARTLY SOLD OUT! February Bootcamp Register Here
    • Few seats still available for Monday February 22 to Tuesday 23 Business Agility Workshop and
    • SOLD OUT Wednesday February 24 to Friday 26 Certified Scaled Agility for Leaders
  • SOLD OUT 3-day Monday March 8 to Wednesday 10 Certified Scaled Agility for Leaders

Yes this means you’re getting a $2,500 CAD five-day workshop and globally recognized certification at cost for $500 CAD (+tax)… 20% of market price. This is the best way we can help you to create a significant long-lasting impact in your organization and in your professional life. Don’t wait. We are limiting class sizes to max. 20 people per Bootcamp.

Reminder: This bootcamp is available only to registered nonprofits! You will need to use your nonprofit email address and provide nonprofit # (during registration).

If you don’t know us, check out our About page for more info. We help organizations create more business and customer value through Agility.

Our great work with private & commercial clients (BMO, Bell, Telus, IBM…) affords us time to help nonprofits on cost or pro-bono basis (World Vision, Children Believe, Food Bank…).

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