Spotify Model courses coming to Canada & USA

We are excited to announce a brand new partnership with Jimmy Janlén to deliver the new “Spotify Model” courses in Canada and USA.

“The Spotify Model” has been getting a surprising amount of attention in the Agile community since it was first widely shared in 2012. The Spotify Engineering Culture videos have more than 500,000 YouTube views. It was never intended as a framework or a model. It was just a case study of the Spotify way of working at the time. That has not stopped a large number of organizations from copying or imitating the model, often without understanding it… what it was optimized for, what challenges it comes with, or how Spotify has adapted and continued to evolve in the years since.

For course dates, registration, and full info, please go to our main page

Full interview with Jimmy is below (recorded April 2021)

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