Ten Most Important OKR Accelerators

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Adopting OKRs may seem deceitfully simple, especially if you focus on the format rather than the approach and the underlining mindset change required in leaders.

To help gain a deeper understanding and avoid most common pitfalls, we’ve put together a series of posts / articles on OKR accelerators. We believe these nine are the most important for medium-to-large businesses and organizations at the time of writing:

Accelerators for Adopting OKRs

  1. Go slow to go fast, especially when leaders are not aligned
  2. Leaders guiding with courage and confidence in the midst of ambiguity
  3. Get coaching support for applied knowledge and mindset change
  4. Delegate OKRs both down and up instead of just cascading down

Accelerators for Managing OKRs

  1. Simplify artifacts & traceability to connect OKRs to daily work
  2. Optimize OKR tooling for interactions & communications, not reporting
  3. Use OKRs for proactively focus capacity rather than reactively managing

Accelerators for Scaling & Integrating

  1. Descale your operations before or as you’re scaling OKRs
  2. OKR transparency when integrating Funding & Finance
  3. OKR maturity when integrating personal performance & management

In weeks to come we’ll unpack each one of these.

Please reach out to us if you need help with any of these


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