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General OKR knowledge is readily available via videos, blog posts, and great books. However since OKRs are applied to a messy organization with unaligned leaders in often complex rushed circumstances, you need applied knowledge that only comes from experience.

This article is part of a larger series: Ten Most Important OKR Accelerators

I acknowledge this is a somewhat self-serving topic since I’m part of a consulting / coaching firm. At the same time, this is probably the most impactful accelerator to adopting OKRs. Below is just a sampler of challenges you cannot easily navigate by reading a book or watching a YouTube video. You need someone that can help you navigate it and solve it based on your unique context:

  • Conflicts of interest and politics involved when you’re leading specific OKRs while also implementing OKRs across the organization
  • Best ways to smoothly transition from your current goal / KPI framework to OKR approach
  • Best ways to balance leading, lagging, financial, strategic, compensating and other Key Results
  • Best ways to integrate OKR planning and tracking in a way that least disrupts your current management activities – while not sacrificing benefits
  • How best to create OKR alignment in purely influence-based ecosystems (e.g. organizations that use federated governance models)
  • Best ways to integrate and align business OKRs into groups that are only supporting them such as risk, compliance, legal
  • How to troubleshoot and improve / fix an existing problematic or even failing OKR implementation
  • Advice on best tools, templates, and how to best integrate with current financial technology
  • Whether and how best to integrate OKRs with personal performance & potentially even bonus structure (highly debated practice)
  • Providing the right amout of OKR training across the org without overburdening yourself or your key staff

There are many other problems and opportunities that seasoned OKR coaches / consultants can help you solve faster and with less friction.

And yes if you need help, please reach out to us.

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