Summer OKR Workshops

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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is quickly emerging as a dominant method of articulating and managing strategic organizational objectives, especially in these uncertain times. Tens of thousands of organizations across many sectors already benefited from increased clarity, focus, alignment, transparency, accountability, staff engagement, and higher success rate of objectives. OKRs are especially effective in contexts with high complexity / uncertainty and high pace of change.

We invite you to take advantage of our summer virtual workshops below…


  • Use real case studies to explore WHY businesses and organizations adopt OKRs
  • Understand HOW to best implement OKRs depending on your context and org dynamics
  • Learn WHAT patterns to avoid and which ones to embrace to ensure success
  • Create a personal OKR activation plan for your business / organization

This workshop is a mix of 30% learning the OKR approach, 30% using case studies to understand how to apply, 30% practical hands-on exercises, & 10% forming your personal OKR activation plan.

Pace is high. Content density is medium. Vibe is professional and relaxed.

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