Nonprofits Successfully Engaging Younger Canadians

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As I look into the future of how non-profits engage younger Canadians, I’m concerned about THREE important trends:

Gap in Strategy: 78% of Nonprofits have NOT implemented strategies for engaging Young Canadians

Dropping engagement: 13% of nonprofits experienced drop in donations from young people… fewer hourseholds supporting and fewer volunteers involved

Raising demand: 57% nonprofits with demand moderately or significantly exceeding their capacity

The Giving Report 2023 / Canada Helps

If you add to this nonprofit challenges related to leadership and turnover. This is indeed a crisis.

We want to help. Some of you know that each year January, we select one of our courses / services and we offer it at cost as a way to support nonprofits and giving back. This approach (teaching how to fish) is far more meaningful and helpful than a simple donation (giving a fish).

In view of these trends, we will be offering a 1-day bootcamp:

“The Third Way – Successful approaches for nonprofits engaging Young Canadians”

Price: $300 CAN (market price $1,200)

Date: Friday January 12, 2024

Register via Eventbrite or contact us directly.

This 1-day bootcamp will provide you with foundational + intermediate knowledge, key insights, approaches, and a potential roadmap for your nonprofit organization to develop successful strategies for engaging Young Canadians.

What’s included:

  • Review of current research including Canada Helps, Imagine Canada, The Millenial Impact Report, The State of Modern Philanthropy, Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study, and few nonprofit specific studies.
  • Extract key actionable insights relevant to nonprofits successfully engaging Young Canadians. Use two frameworks to better understand these insights.
  • Explore a number of success case studies (The Case Foundation, Frag for Cancer, and Go Fund Me) to understand how their approaches are different.
  • Learn “The Third Way” as approach for engaging Younger Canadians. Understand how to apply this approach in your organization.
  • Apply by creating a roadmap to get your organization in successfully engaging YoungeCanadians, 18 – 35 years old.
  • Reference: Copies of research studies covered.

BTW If you’re interested, this bootcamp is also available as Keynote, leadership training, and other formats. Go here for more information.

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