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We Live in a DISRUPTED World

The last 5 years have experienced an unprecedented amount and pace of change

  • Significant global health crisis (COVID but also others)
  • Significant workplace disruption (working from home, productivity losses, staff health, high turnover)
  • Significant consumer behaviour shifts (digital-first, shifts in spending habits, debt increase, etc.)
  • Significant financial shifts (post-covid economic recovery, inflation, depression, etc.)
  • And to add to all that, significant global political shifts (sanctions, wars, etc.)

Organizations EVOLVED

In response, organizations were forced to evolve rapidly

  • Evolve how we connect with the customer & do our business
  • Evolve our products & services in response to shifting customer needs
  • Evolve how we prioritize our staff & our business outcomes
  • Evolve how we work, what tools we use, and our work processes
  • Evolve our long-term and short-term business strategy
  • Evolve financial, risk, and compliance approaches

Leaders & Leadership EVOLVED

In response, we also see a significant shift in leaders

  • From (A) technical manager to (B) empowering people-leader to (C) supportive coach & integrator
  • From (A) execution / delivery-centric to (B) outcomes-centric to (C) both outcomes and people-centric
  • From (A) balancing work & life to (B) integrating work & life to (C) purpose-centric with work inside life’s purpose
  • From (A) organizing around how you operate to (B) organizing around how you manage costs to (C) organizing around business and customer value

Transformations need to EVOLVE

In response, our approaches needed to evolve

  • Increased ambiguity requires a more iterative approach, able to pivot our transformation strategy
  • Increased complexity requires higher levels of communication and empowerment
  • Disrupted organization requires a more diverse context-sensitive transformation strategy, especially in fragmented organizations where parts are surviving, other parts are adapting, and yet other parts are thriving (instead of a single state across the entire organization)


We prioritize purpose and passion over profit. If our purpose is meaningful and we love our work, profit will follow.

We are leader-centric, not service/product-centric. We don’t sell services or products you don’t need. And we constantly evolve our offering to better support leaders.

We focus on dynamic relationships over rigid contracts. Contracts have their place and provide needed clarity, but leaders and our relationships come first.

We build expert Partnerships rather than our own empires. We prefer great partners rather than great employees. In our experience, you get better products / services.

We embrace being Massively Human – open and accepting all aspects of both the professional and the personal (shoutout to the Renaissance crew for the inspiration & wording here)

We personally pursue active & dynamic life-long evolution. We strive to push ourselves past our comfort zone to where we continuously learn & grow.

Our Cast of Experts

Adam: Chief Transformation Officer

Marv: Executive Leadership & Strategy

Raechel: Corporate Mental Health & Wellness

Jim: Business Operations & Change Management

Glem: Talent Strategy & Management

Susanna: Professional Coach

Ashesh: Organizational
Value & Purpose

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