The big WHY

Our business and organizations are rapidly becoming more complex. Our customers are more sophisticated and demanding. Our technologies are more advanced. Our staff are self-motivated, self-managing, and have incredible skills (ones their managers don’t even understand). Our markets keep changing rapidly.

Our constant challenge: Creating customer value in a highly disruptive world!

VT empowers organizations to elevate customer value through Lean Agile practices

We are experts in Business Agility and Transformation. We adapt Fortune 500 best practices for your unique needs. We simplify your operational complexities. We evolve and coach your executives. We solve your biggest business challenges in days not months. Ultimately, we increase your revenue and make your customers happy.

Our Approach is based on four pillars named E4:

  • Exploration – Identify where you are in your Lean Agile journey (Research & Audits)
  • Empowerment – Building skills and practices (Training & Accelerator Workshops)
  • Enablement – Guiding and growing Lean Agile teams (Content & Coaching)
  • Enrichment – Community involvement (Thought Leadership & Support)