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Evolving the profit and people business equation

On December 1, 2021 in the thick fog of COVID pandemic uncertainty with most countries announcing quarantine restrictions ahead of the Christmas holiday season, Simon Sinek tweeted one of his famous timely quotes "Profit isn't a purpose, it's a result. Purpose is the reason we do the thing that makes the profit." About a month ...


Fix Delivery Predictability in the Boardroom

I recently spoke to a senior IT executive in a large Canadian nonprofit with rich history dating back to late 1800's. It was clear that COVID provided a point of personal reflection and he recently left the private sector for a more meaningful position serving Canadians. Among many comparisons between private and nonprofit organizations, we ...


Private Spotify Model courses available

We are excited to announce a long-term partnership with Jimmy Janlén to deliver the new "Spotify Model" courses in Canada and USA. We're now offering private courses for North American organizations. These include: Spotify Model for Executives & EntrepreneursSpotify Model for Agile Coaches & Scrum MasterSpotify Model for Product Owners & Managers “The Spotify Model” ...


How Small Businesses Can Stay Afloat and Survive the Pandemic

Staying afloat during the pandemic is proving quite difficult for many business owners. Between limiting in-person services and people cutting back on spending, a staggering number of businesses have closed in a year. However, with some help from technology upgrades and by adapting to new regulations, it’s possible to keep your business alive throughout the ...


Get unstuck & empower leaders through LEADERSHIP Hackathon

Running a Hackathon is not just for software companies. Spotify HR (yes HR!) has been using hackathons as early as 2015. Their first hackathon successfully increased diversity and gender-parity of at that time male-dominated organization. But their most recent hackathon did not have developers or engineers, but rather middle-managers and organizational leaders. As recently shared in their HR ...


Video from Feb 11 session at DevOps North America Summit

For those of you that couldn't come to our session @ "Your DevOps Rollout is Stalling! Why... and now HOW to Course-Correct it!" at the February 11 DevOps North America Summit (originally scheduled for 4:00 PM but later bumped up to 11:30 AM NYT)... shared with permission from GWS1.21 (session questions omitted) Deck used ...


Helping nonprofits evolve quickly via Biz Agility Executive Bootcamp

This extraordinary holiday season my business partner and I thought about how fortunate we are. Our business remained strong during COVID. We pondered meaningful ways to give back to nonprofits. We considered just sending donations but wanted something that provides a much greater and longer-term impact. We asked ourselves... How can we best help organizations, ...


COVID-19 Business Resilience Workshop… have Readiness Plan in just 3 hours

Get your business COVID19 ready and your staff from worried / scared / surreal to focused / energized / confident before lunch, in just three hours. This is a self-help guide on how to run a COVID19 Business Resilience Workshop in your organization. This is the fastest way to decide on your core services, resilience policies, and appropriate communication plan... but also to turn your staff from scared to focused.


Using Complexity to Answer 5 Tough Agile Questions

Can a single insight answer five tough questions facing Agile today? Let's find out! Here are the topics we'll be wrestling with in this article: Why is it so difficult to predict or provide delivery dates in Agile?Why doubling team size doesn't necessarily increase team productivity?Why Agile requires executive and stakeholders to change? Why can't ...


Agility for Executive Teams

I recently had lunch with a former colleague turned friend. Teina is an executive innovator and disruptor in one of the largest global non-profits in the world. Besides family and work updates, she posed a great question we wrestled with over our lunch… now covered in this article: "How can an Executive Team become more ...