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Quantifying Customer Value is the Antidote to a Downturn

In B2B markets, when market demand is high our plants are full. We stand firm on price. Our average costs are in line with plans. Profitability is impressive. Everyone looks like a rock star. When, markets turn as part of the normal business cycle, or we hit an unexpected event like the current Coronavirus pandemic, ...


COVID-19 Business Resilience Workshop… have Readiness Plan in just 3 hours

Get your business COVID19 ready and your staff from worried / scared / surreal to focused / energized / confident before lunch, in just three hours. This is a self-help guide on how to run a COVID19 Business Resilience Workshop in your organization. This is the fastest way to decide on your core services, resilience policies, and appropriate communication plan... but also to turn your staff from scared to focused.


Using Complexity to Answer 5 Tough Agile Questions

Can a single insight answer five tough questions facing Agile today? Let's find out! Here are the topics we'll be wrestling with in this article: Why is it so difficult to predict or provide delivery dates in Agile?Why doubling team size doesn't necessarily increase team productivity?Why Agile requires executive and stakeholders to change? Why can't ...


Agility for Executive Teams

I recently had lunch with a former colleague turned friend. Teina is an executive innovator and disruptor in one of the largest global non-profits in the world. Besides family and work updates, she posed a great question we wrestled with over our lunch… now covered in this article: "How can an Executive Team become more ...


Agile Product Development @ Silicon Halton

Product planning and management has evolved over the years from waterfall to Lean Agile. Traditional methods are geared towards an end date and single customer and focus on managing known scope, price and timing. However, products are constantly disrupted through a series of market shifts and ever-changing customers needs. A more fundamental shift towards a ...


99.2% client satisfaction

Results speak for themselves. Clients love our training, our services, our workshops, and our consulting. 99.2% expressed having a great experience with over 60% using the highest rating "Excellent"! * Here is some of their feedback (anonymous): Within about two minutes, it was very clear that [VT] possessed deep expertise in managing change in an ...


The big WHY

Our constant challenge: Creating customer value in a highly disruptive world! VT empowers organizations to elevate customer value through Lean Agile practices We do this through our E4 Exploration, Empowerment, Enablement, and Enrichment: Exploration – Identify where you are in your Lean Agile journey (Research & Audits)Empowerment – Building skills and practices (Training & Workshops)Enablement – Guiding and growing Lean ...


Scaled Agile Training Registrations are Open!

Whether you're on a journey to scale Agile in your organization or just want to understand the difference between Product Owner vs Product Manager... this globally recognized Scaled Agile Framework courses and certifications are a great way to upgrade your skills and open new career prospects. 12th Annual State of Agile Report by Version One ...