Advanced OKR Practices for Coaches & Consultants

This accelerated course provides best practices for powerfully integrating OKRs into Finance, Risk, Compliance, and HR.

This course assumes you already completed the OKR Crash Course for Coaches and Consultants or posses equivalent knowledge + experience.

Principles Explored

  • Funding Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Managing via progress of outcomes not activities
  • Strategic & Proactive vs Transactional & Reactive Risk Management
  • Compliance as a Business Requirement vs Overhead
  • HR: Outcomes-based roles vs Function-based roles
  • HR: Team-based OKRs vs Personal OKRs

Practices Explored

  • Dynamic Funding / Investing of Outcomes
  • Innovation / Uncertainty Accounting
  • Active Outcome-based Risk Management
  • Finance, Risk, Compliance as strategic active partners
  • HR: Redefining roles / job descriptions via outcomes
  • HR: Using OKRs for Personal Employee Performance

Learning Goals

  • Deeper understanding how to effectively integrate OKRs into key supporting parts of any organizations

Intended Participants

  • Leaders aspiring to become OKR Coaches
  • Consultants interested in providing OKR services
  • Finance, Risk, Compliance, & HR leaders trying to integrate OKRs
  • Maximum 12 participants per session

Course Formats & Duration

  • Virtual 2 X 3-hour workshop (your preferred conference tool)
  • Virtual 1 X 6-hour workshop (your preferred conference tool)
  • On-site 2 X 3-hour workshop (client provides location)
  • On-site 1 X 6-hour workshop (client provides location)
  • Available in American, EU, & Pacific time zones



  • $6,200 CAN / $5,000 USD (includes $1,000 non-refundable deposit)
  • Expenses for on-site delivery