OKR Crash Course for Coaches & Consultants

This accelerated course is designed to equip coaches & consultants with key knowledge to provide OKR services: WHAT OKRs are, WHY they are used, HOW to apply them, and HOW to introduce them to an organization. This course includes Tooling overview and key Templates.

In case you’re completely new to OKRs, please watch this well known TEDx by John Doerr as an introduction

Principles Explored

  • Focusing on Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Prioritizing & Funding Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Aligning Early & Proactively vs Late & Reactively
  • Balancing Objectives & Key Results
  • Transactional vs Active Leadership
  • Focusing vs Managing Capacity

Practices Explored

  • Crafting, Co-creating, & Co-owning OKRs
  • OKR transparency
  • Using OKRs to focus and inspire leaders
  • Cascading Strategic, Annual, and Quarterly OKRs
  • Balancing OKRs with leading, lagging, & compensating KRs
  • Aligning OKRs across diverse (completely unaligned) groups
  • Integrating existing KPIs
  • Operationalizing OKRs via Quarterly Updates and Monthly Reviews
  • Connecting OKRs to Quarterly Planning & daily work
  • Overview of integrating OKRs with Finance, Compliance, Risk, & HR (Personal Performance) with details in the Advanced OKR Practices course

Learning Goals

  • Understand WHAT are OKRs (both the format & the approach)
  • Understand WHY organizations adopt OKRs & what benefits are often realized
  • Understand HOW to craft effective OKRs
  • Explore options for HOW OKRs are often implemented depending on organizational context
  • Explore options for HOW OKRs are commonly operationalized and tracked
  • Explore options for HOW OKRS can be powerfully connected to execution / delivery
  • Explore most popular OKR tools available
  • Explore key templates to get you started

Intended Participants

  • Leaders aspiring to become OKR Coaches
  • Consultants interested in providing OKR services
  • Maximum 12 participants per session

Course Formats & Duration

  • Virtual 2 X 3-hour workshop (your preferred conference tool)
  • Virtual 1 X 6-hour workshop (your preferred conference tool)
  • On-site 2 X 3-hour workshop (client provides location)
  • On-site 1 X 6-hour workshop (client provides location)
  • Available in American, EU, & Pacific time zones


  • None. No previous knowledge of OKRs is required.


  • $4,500 CAN / $3,200 USD (includes $800 non-refundable deposit)
  • Expenses for on-site delivery