OKR Crash Course for Executive Teams & Leaders

This highly accelerated course is an executive summary of WHAT OKRs are, WHY they are used, HOW to apply them, and HOW to introduce them to an organization.

For a brief introduction on what Objectives and Key Results are, please watch this well known TEDx by John Doerr

Principles Explored

  • Focusing on Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Prioritizing & Funding Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Aligning Early & Proactively vs Late & Reactively
  • Balancing Objectives & Key Results
  • Transactional vs Active Leadership
  • Focusing vs Managing Capacity

Practices Explored

  • Crafting, Co-creating, & Co-owning OKRs
  • OKR transparency
  • Using OKRs to focus and inspire leaders
  • Cascading Strategic, Annual, and Quarterly OKRs
  • Balancing OKRs with leading, lagging, & compensating KRs
  • Aligning OKRs across diverse (completely unaligned) groups
  • Integrating existing KPIs
  • Operationalizing OKRs via Quarterly Updates and Monthly Reviews
  • Connecting OKRs to Quarterly Planning & daily work

Learning Goals

  • Understand WHAT are OKRs (both the format & the approach)
  • Understand WHY organizations adopt OKRs & what benefits are often realized
  • Understand HOW to craft effective OKRs
  • Explore options for HOW OKRs are often implemented depending on organizational context
  • Explore options for HOW OKRs are commonly operationalized and tracked
  • Explore options for HOW OKRS can be powerfully connected to execution / delivery

Intended Participants

  • C-Suite, VPs, & Directors (any department / domain)
  • Maximum 12 participants per session

Course Formats & Duration

  • Virtual 3-hour workshop (your preferred conference tool)
  • On-site 3-hour workshop (client provides location)
  • Available in American, EU, & Pacific time zones


  • None. No previous knowledge of OKRs is required.


  • $4,500 CAN / $3,200 USD (includes $1,000 non-refundable deposit)
  • Expenses for on-site delivery