OKRs for Thriving Businesses

Align Your Strategy & Execution with OKRs for Thriving Businesses

What if your entire organization was hyper-focused on strategic OUTCOMES, not simply activities to achieve them? What if you could get to your outcomes faster & easier? What if your teams had clarity to choose what work to accelerate and abandon? Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) do that & much more!

Audience: Managers, Directors, VPs,
& CXOs driving large organizational changes / transformations

Principles Explored
  • Focusing on Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Prioritizing & Funding Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Aligning Early & Proactively vs Late & Reactively
  • Balancing Objectives & Key Results
  • Transactional vs Active Leadership
  • Focusing vs Managing Capacity
Practices Explored
  • Crafting, Co-creating, & Co-owning OKRs
  • OKR transparency
  • Using OKRs to focus and inspire leaders
  • Cascading Strategic, Annual, and Quarterly OKRs
  • Balancing OKRs with leading, lagging, & compensating KRs
  • Aligning OKRs across diverse (completely unaligned) groups
  • Integrating existing KPIs
  • Operationalizing OKRs via Quarterly Updates and Monthly Reviews
  • Connecting OKRs to Quarterly Planning & daily work

Available Formats & Related Outcomes

Executive Retreat

one day or half day (either virtual or on-site)

$2,800 CAN / $2,000 US *

Foundational Knowledge

  • WHAT are OKRs & their benefits
  • HOW businesses harness OKRs for outcome focus & alignment
  • Overview HOW to activate OKRs

Hands-on Workshop

2 full days (on-site or virtual) or 4 half-days (virtual)

$13,000 CAN / $10,000 US *

Foundational + Applied Knowledge

  • Items covered in Executive Retreat plus…
  • Steps to activate & operationalize
  • Common challenges & solutions
  • Case studies, resources, & tools

6-Week Leader Series

6 sessions * 2-3 hrs. each (only virtual / on-site extra)

$26,000 CAN / $20,000 US *

Knowledge, Application, & Mindset

  • Items covered in the Executive Retreat & Hands-on Workshop plus…
  • Step-by-step coaching & peer assistance as you you experiment & implement approaches learned

* Taxes, customizations, travel, room & board are extra. Location / workshop space is provided by the client.

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