OKRs Leader & Coach Training

Train Leaders & Coaches Before Activating OKRs in Your Organization

The WHAT of OKRs is deceptively simple, gleaned from great books and educational videos. The HOW of OKRs is quite the opposite, relying on experience and context. Offerings below will help you activate OKRs better, faster, and easier. More importantly, they will help you avoid some of the biggest activation failures.

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Audience for Crash Course or Train the Trainer: Leaders and Coaches responsible for OKR activation and staff training

Audience for Rapid Vendor Showcases: Leaders responsible for evaluating OKR solutions / vendors / tools

Principles Explored
  • Focusing on Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Prioritizing & Funding Outcomes vs Activities / Projects
  • Aligning Early & Proactively vs Late & Reactively
  • Balancing Objectives & Key Results
  • Transactional vs Active Leadership
  • Focusing vs Managing Capacity
Practices Explored
  • Crafting, Co-creating, & Co-owning OKRs
  • OKR transparency
  • Using OKRs to focus and inspire leaders
  • Cascading Strategic, Annual, and Quarterly OKRs
  • Balancing OKRs with leading, lagging, & compensating KRs
  • Aligning OKRs across diverse (completely unaligned) groups
  • Integrating existing KPIs
  • Operationalizing OKRs via Quarterly Updates and Monthly Reviews
  • Connecting OKRs to Quarterly Planning & daily work
Learning via Case Studies (Workshop only)
  • Focus Case Study: City of Vaughan
  • Focus Case Study: Nubank
  • Alignment Case Study: White House
  • Alignment Case Study: The White House
  • Impact Case Study: Uber
  • Impact Case Study: Maven Clinic
  • Multi-org Alignment Case Study: MASS
  • Personal Performance Case Study: Google
OKR Activation Toolkit (Workshop only)
  • Basic and advanced OKR PowerPoint Template
  • OKR tracking Excel Template
  • Sample Activation Roadmap
  • Sample Communication Plan

Available Formats & Related Outcomes

Crash Course

One full day (either virtual or on-site) maximum 12 people

$6,500 CAN / $5,000 US *

Be ready to activate OKR

  • WHAT are OKRs & their benefits
  • HOW agencies harness OKRs for Policy focus & alignment
  • Overview HOW to activate OKRs
  • Steps to activate & operationalize
  • Common challenges & solutions

Train the Trainer Workshop

2 full days (on-site or virtual) or 4 half-days (virtual) maximum 24 people

$13,000 CAN / $10,000 US *

Foundational + Applied Knowledge

  • Items covered in Crash Course plus…
  • Hands-on OKR writing & coaching
  • Review and learn from relevant OKR Case studies
  • Access to OKR resources & templates
  • Create OKR Activation Plan

Rapid Vendor Showcases

Max. 10 vendor showcases * 90 mins each (only virtual / on-site extra)

$26,000 CAN / $20,000 US *

Accelerate selecting OKR solution / vendor

  • Vendor introductions for top OKR tools on the market
  • Coordinate 90 minute vendor showcases
  • Assistance short-listing vendors
  • Assistance drafting OKR Vendor RFI

* Taxes, customizations, travel, room & board are extra. Location / workshop space is provided by the client.

Let us help you activate OKRs easier, faster, and better…