Business Agility for HR and Culture Change

This fun engaging program guides your HR & Culture Change teams as they journey into relevant Lean & Agile principles and practices. Business Agility is just as relevant in the executive boardrooms as it is in working teams. We draw lessons from early business leaders like Edward Deming, Taiichi Ohno, and Jeff Sutherland… all the way to modern-day experts like Henrik Kniberg, Leffingwell, David J. Anderson, and Niklas Modig.

This customizable program focuses on applying principles to evolve practices in your organization. Modern Business Agility is principle-based, outcome-focused, and people-powered. It integrates not competes with existing operating approaches in your business. More importantly, it is able to achieve both short-term business / customer results AND long-term organizational culture change.

Principles Explored

  • Teams-centric approach to HR & culture change
  • Incremental evolution over massive change
  • Performance creation over performance appraisal
  • Relentless staff training & team growth
  • Strategic partnerships over reactive management
  • Conflict prevention over conflict management

Practices Explored

  • Continuous team member performance feedback
  • HR as a team-consumable service
  • Recruitment for empowered teams
  • Dynamic team role canvas (instead of JD)
  • Team-based goal-setting / OKRs
  • Kaizen as sustainable transformation approach
  • Role clarity via team agreements (instead of RACI)

Business Agility Action Plan

  • Analysis & 12-month Evolution Strategy
  • 6-month Pivot Execution Plan (including risks)
  • 6-month Staff Training & Communications Plan
  • Plan ZigZags (alternate paths to success)
  • New team norms & agreements

Learning Goals

  • Mindset: Deep understanding of Lean Agile Principles & their context
  • Application: Develop relevant practices to accelerate your business objectives
  • Practical: Define fast adoption path for new practices

Intended Participants

  • Human Resources Directors / Managers
  • Lean Agile coaches in your organization
  • Maximum 12 participants per session

Course Formats & Duration

  • Virtual 2 X 6-hour workshop (two full-days)
  • Virtual 4 X 3-hours workshop (four half-days)
  • On-site 2 X 6-hour workshop (client provides location)


None. No previous knowledge of Agile / Lean / Scrum or business-level agility is required. However, basic understanding of Agile practices is highly recommended.

Exam Details

No exam is required. Completed “Business Agility Action Plan” completed during the program serves as demonstration of skills and knowledge acquired.


  • $9,000 CAN / $6,500 USD ($1,200 non-refundable deposit)
  • Expenses for on-site

Image: Program Summary