Leading SAFe 2021 March 8

Leading SAFe 5.1 (latest)

Thriving in the digital age with Business Agility

Learning Goals

  • Lead the transformation to Business Agility with SAFe
  • Become a Lean-Agile Leader
  • Understand customer needs with Design Thinking
  • Enable Agile Product Delivery
  • Implement Lean Portfolio Management

Key SAFe Links (external)


Key Links
for this Course

And here are breakout rooms and links for doing group exercises virtually

Preferably use CHROME web browser to access Mural links.

Please enter MURAL exercise area as an anonymous VISITOR user (don’t register).

If you’re having ISSUES with Mural tool (e.g. can’t add stickies), please open these links in INCOGNITO browser window.

Quick intro video on how to use Mural plus additional training videos if you are more curious

Here are your team assignments for group exercises

To even out the odds, team “trades” are allowed. They take place during the first exercise of each day.

Two members of different teams can decide to “trade places”. Both members need to agree to this trade (it cannot be forced upon them).

Blue Jays (Blue) Group Members
  • Anne (WVC)
  • Bruce (WVC)
  • PO: Lisa (WVC)
  • Nichole (WVC)
  • Wayne (WVC)
  • Jean (ex-Plan)
  • SM: Laura (Plan)
Make it Rain (Green) Group Members
  • Catarina (WVC)
  • Diane (WVC)
  • SM: Lee (WVC)
  • PO: Maria P (WVC)
  • Terry (WVC)
  • William (WVC)
  • Crystal (WVC)

Amethyst (Purple) Group Members
  • Felicity (WVC)
  • Viola (WVC)
  • SM: Michelle (WVC)
  • PO: Tim (WVC)
  • Wilma (WVC)
  • Woody (WVC)
  • Bernadette (WVC)
  • Optional: Maria (WVC)

Lunch Exam Prep Sessions

Optional sessions to help you learn, prepare for he exam, and answer any additional questions

Session 1 TBD (includes small feature writing workshop)

Date / Time TBD

MS Teams Meeting Invite

Session 2 TBD (including small story & AC writing workshop)

Date / Time TBD

MS Teams Meeting Invite

Instructor Info

Adam Kruszynski
Primary Instructor


Cell: +1-647-394-5979
(Text / WhatsApp)


Ashesh Desai
Supporting Instructor


Cell: +1-905-550-3859
(Text / WhatsApp)


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