Scaled Agile Customer Experience Integration

WHY this Enablement Package?

Numerous B2C and B2B businesses are becoming customer-centric and adapting CX practices. If you’re one of them, congrats! Did you know there is a great synergy between SAFe and CX / UX practices? Let us know you how to best integrate them for maximum customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately higher business revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Realize all the great benefits of CX and customer-centricity
  • Lower cost, faster time to market, and higher customer satisfaction from implementing LEAN UX practices already part of SAFe
  • Clarity of CX and UX practices across the whole enterprise resulting in better cross-team performance and lower friction

HOW is this delivered?

This is delivered through a combination of focused direct mentorship, group training, and coaching supported by numerous resources and materials.

WHAT does it include?

  • CX Master-Journey to Value Stream Alignment
    • Workshop to align CX Master Journey with key organizational value streams
    • Reference: SAFe Value Streams
  • CX to LEAN UX Integration Training
    • CX to LEAN UX / UI Training (custom)
    • Reference: SAFe LEAN UX
  • Optional: LEAN CX Process Optimization
  • Optional: Integrating “Voice of Customer” with SAFe Customer Engagement and Testing 
    • Workshop to align CX Voice of Customer practices with SAFe Customer Engagement and Testing practices
    • Reference: SAFe Customer Overview

Cost Savings up to 40%

Costs vary greatly depending on size of organization, complexity of implementation, options you select, and number of people to be trained.

However, doing these activities in a single package will save you up to 40% (vs doing these separately).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss this package and its options.

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