Scaled Agile Implementation Plan

WHY this Enablement Package?

Congratulation! You got executive buy-in to implement the Scaled Agile Framework. Your next step is planning and enablement. Let us partner with you as you develop detailed implementation plan, train all staff, and navigate key external integration points with other teams.

Key Benefits

  • Identify which value stream to implement first
  • Enable and train all staff involved to maximize success and impact
  • Provide clarity through implementation plan
  • Effectively integrate external teams and vendors
  • Select platform to manage SAFe implementation

HOW is this delivered?

This is delivered through a combination of focused direct mentorship, group training, and coaching supported by numerous resources and materials.

WHAT does it include?

  • Identify Value Streams
  • Create Implementation Plan
  • Leading SAFe, SAFe POPM, and SAFe Scrum Master training
    • Train Scrum Masters
    • Train Portfolio / Product Managers and Product Owners
    • Train participating leaders and executives
    • Reference: Prepare for ART Lunch
  • Optional: External Team Integration
    • Assistance and coaching integrating external teams (e.g. CX/UX, shared services, finance, creative)
  • Optional: External Vendor Integration
    • Assistance and coaching integrating external vendors (regardless of whether they work in agile or waterfall frameworks)
  • Optional: Internal PMI PMO Integration
    • Assistance and coaching integrating PMO teams (including PMO training)
  • Optional: Select Scaled Agile Management Platform
    • Assistance in selecting a platform for managing your SAFe Implementation (e.g. JIRA, Version One, Visual Studio Online)

Cost Savings up to 40%

Costs vary greatly depending on size of organization, complexity of implementation, options you select, and number of people to be trained.

However, doing these activities in a single package will save you up to 40% (vs doing these separately).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss this package and its options.

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