Scaled Agile Integrated Portfolio Intake and Prioritization

WHY this Enablement Package?

One of the hardest aspect of implementing SAFe is integrating it into existing organizational structures and processes, intake and prioritization being one of the most common ones. If your division / department cannot simply implement these as prescribed by SAFe, let us assist you in adapting these processes for maximum impact and minimum disruption.

Key Benefits

  • Clarity of purpose and priority for all projects / epics even in a hybrid predictive+agile framework.
  • Ability to use multi-factor prioritization regardless of framework(s) present.
  • Clear LEAN intake process allowing for hybrid and dual frameworks.

HOW is this delivered?

This is delivered through a combination of focused direct mentorship, group training, and coaching supported by numerous resources and materials.

WHAT does it include?

  • Evolving Existing Intake Processes and Artifacts
    • Adapt existing intake process
    • Adapt LEAN business case
    • Adapt project intake meeting / kick off meetings
  • Establishing Value-Centric GO/NO GO Decision
    • Adapt criteria for Go / No Go decision (including innovation accounting)
    • Adapt Go / No Go decision meeting format
    • Adapt Go / No Go escalations
  • Evolving Existing Prioritization Practices
    • Adapt Portfolio Kanban
    • Adapt WSJF into appropriate multi-factor prioritization
    • Adapt Portfolio Project / Epic estimation
  • Optional: Integrated Capacity Planning
    • Adapt capacity estimation & reporting
    • Adapt capacity planning
    • Adapt capacity planning for non-agile integrated teams
  • Optional: Integrated Waterfall / SAFe Program Increment PI Planning
    • Adapt pre-planning activities
    • Adapt Inspect & Adapt meeting
    • Adapt PI Planning format for mixed frameworks

Cost Savings up to 40%

Costs vary greatly depending on size of organization, complexity of implementation, options you select, and number of people to be trained.

However, doing these activities in a single package will save you up to 40% (vs doing these separately).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss this package and its options.

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