Scaled Agile Rollout the First ART

WHY this Enablement Package?

You got your buy-in to implement SAFe. You got your plan set. You’re ready to go! Let us partner with you in the launch of your first ART and your first PI Planning session. Depending on your organization, you may also need help implementing DevOps practices and evolving your Release Management practices.

Key Benefits

  • Remove friction and confusion as you’re launching your first ART
  • Optimal PI Planning experience resulting in high plan confidence and team commitment
  • Minimize disruptions as you evolve your release management practices

HOW is this delivered?

This is delivered through a combination of focused direct mentorship, group training, and coaching supported by numerous resources and materials.

WHAT does it include?

  • SAFe for Teams training
  • Launch the first ART
  • Coach ART Execution
    • Assistance and coaching to develop Portfolio Vision and Roadmap
    • Assistance and coaching to develop the Architectural Runway
    • Reference: SAFe Coach ART Execution
  • Optional: Release Management Integration
    • Assistance and coaching evolving your current release management practices
    • Reference: SAFe Release on Demand
  • Optional: Systems Team & DevOps Integration
    • SAFe DevOps training
    • Assistance and coaching implementing early DevOps practices
    • Reference: SAFe DevOps
  • Optional: Agile Platform Configuration
    • Assistance and coaching configuring the Agile Management Platform (.e.g. JIRA, Version One, VSO, etc.)

Cost Savings up to 40%

Costs vary greatly depending on size of organization, complexity of implementation, options you select, and number of people to be trained.

However, doing these activities in a single package will save you up to 40% (vs doing these separately).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss this package and its options.

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