Scaled Agile Tipping Point

WHY this Enablement Package?

Changing our ways of working is difficult. Scaled Agile Framework likely represents a significant transformation in your organization. Beginnings are very important. Let’s start the right way. We can help you…

Key Benefits

  • Successfully convince your senior leadership team / stakeholders that SAFe is the right direction for your organization and that you a solid plan as well as capable team to implement it. Get their buy-in, approval, engagement, and excitement.
  • Establish accurate expectations (both benefits and timelines) of SAFe implementation.
  • Enable and empower leaders through specialized training. Set them up for success to deliver results faster and easier.
  • Increase and accelerate team buy-in and adoption through effective proactive change management practices.

HOW is this delivered?

This is delivered through a combination of focused direct mentorship, group training, and coaching supported by numerous resources and materials.

WHAT does it include?

  • Create a strong “Tipping Point” Business Case
    • Workshop to understand reasons for moving to Lean-Agile Practices
    • Assistance in deciding and articulating a powerful Vision of Change
    • Assistance in creating an executive Business Case for executive approval
    • Reference: SAFe Reaching the Tipping Point
  • Recommended: Create an Implementation Roadmap
    • Coaching and assistance in creating your organization’s SAFe Implementation Roadmap for the pitch below
  • Optional: SAFe Pitch & Executive Summary Session
    • SAFe Executive Summary
    • Partner in delivering SAFe Pitch to Senior Leadership
  • Training Lean-Agile Change Agents
  • Training Executives, Managers, & Leaders
  • Optional: Creating LEAN-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)
  • Optional: Hosting Team Info Session
    • Assistance & coaching to setup a Team Info Session
    • Participation in Team Info Session
  • Optional: Implementation Communication Strategy and Plan
    • Assistance creating communications strategy and plan to ensure your SAFe Implementation has maximum buy-in and adoption

Cost Savings up to 40%

Costs vary greatly depending on size of organization, complexity of implementation, options you select, and number of people to be trained.

However, doing these activities in a single package will save you up to 40% (vs doing these separately).

Next Steps

Please contact us to discuss this package and its options.

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