Embracing DevOps Transformation Dojo

Why this Dojo?

In just a few hours, your executives / leaders will understand key DevOps Transformation principles, learn how to apply them, and practice these principles in exercises relevant to their unique business context. The “dojo” approach is designed to achieve profound yet rapid growth.

What is an Executive Leadership Dojo?

“Dojo” refers to a new way of leadership enablement, coaching, and training. It is based on the training principles used in Japanese martial arts including mindfulness / awareness, deep understanding of principles, and real practical experiences all within the context of deep respect for people and their environment. This approach focuses on the needs of the participant (rather than general knowledge) to achieve profound yet rapid growth. Dojo’s often include four components:

  • Zazen “Reflection”: Gaining a deeper understanding
  • Kata “Form Training”: Learning & deconstructing a specific pattern / knowledge
  • Randori “Sparring”: Practical exercises (in pairs with peers)
  • Kamae “Stance”: Setting a new mental and physical posture (readiness for change / action)

Dojo Topic: Embracing DevOps Transformation

This half-day Dojo will focus on the following DevOps principles:

  • Culture of shared responsibility vs Development and Ops silos
  • Automated over manual processes to accelerate delivery & deployment
  • LEAN flow (small frequent batch sizes and WIP limits)
  • Using meaningful telemetry (metrics) to drive decisions rather than intuition and personal experience
  • Expecting and managing failures (roll-back, failure rehearsal, & low-risk releases)


This workshop costs $100 CAD per person / minimum 10 participants (includes cost of materials for exercises / activities)

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Dojo location ideally away from all distractions (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Facilitator / trainer travel, room, board, and related

Next Steps

Please contact us to schedule the workshop.

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