Combining Waterfall and Agile Project Management? You need this training!

Researching how best combine PREDICTIVE project management practices like Waterfall and SDLC with RESPONSIVE practices like Agile and Scrum? Learning how to do Agile in a Waterfall organization? What’s the difference between Agile vs Waterfall methodologies anyway?

Unfortunately you will NOT find unbiased comprehensive comparative answers in general in PMI Project Management training nor Agile / Scrum training:

  • What are the best practices for combining Waterfall and Agile? Can you run hybrid project management methodologies (both Waterfall and Agile)? How would that work?
  • How are the Agile / Scrum Project Management and Waterfall Project Management methodologies different from each other? How are they common?
  • How does Project Manager role evolve in Agile / Scrum? Is there such a role as Agile Project Manager? What is the job description?
  • How do you measure project progress and success in hybrid methodologies? What are the best hybrid project management KPIs?
  • Are there specific platforms that allow and simplify hybrid project management? Do they work differently from Microsoft Project? How are project timelines managed?

But there is an easy way to get a lot of this information… spend just two days to learn how to best integrate Agile in a Waterfall organizations through the most widely used and most successful Scaled Agile Framework SAFe (as per below) that effectively combines the best of both PREDICTIVE and RESPONSIVE practices!

12th Annual State of Agile Report by Version One (2018)

In just two short days you will get:

  • Deep understanding of Scaled Agile Framework first developed by Dean Leffingwell
  • How does Agile Product and Portfolio Management scale to larger and often predictive organizations / businesses
  • How SAFe Program planning and Portfolio planning bridge Agile within waterfall organizations / businesses
  • How to effectively forecast, plan, and execute Portfolio Planning and Release Planning across a large Portfolio of products or services
  • Included in the course is a globally-recognized Scaled Agile Framework Leadership Certification as well as access to Scaled Agile Community (with access to additional Scaled Agile Framework tutorials / videos and templates e.g. Project Portfolio Template)
  • And much much more…

Take a look at the course list on the right of this page (below in mobile devices) or click on the button below

As a Scaled Agile Academy…

  • We provide certified Scaled Agile Framework / SAFe training across Canada using fully accredited SPCs with multiple years of hands-on SAFe implementation experience.
  • We’re one of very few training academies that provide weekly Study Groups to ensure you successfully pass the exam, enable ongoing student / peer discussions, and answer questions e.g. How is Spotify scaling Agile? or What is the difference between Product Owner vs Project Manager? What is the scrum of scrums in SAFe?
  • Through our blog and social feeds we also provide content, templates, and materials such as Scrum of Scrums diagrams, Scrum case studies, Scrum of Scrums board (SAFe Program Board), Scrum daily standup meeting template and much more.
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