Quantifying Customer Value

How Do You Define Value?

Customer value has been a cornerstone of leading B2B organizations to drive market growth. However, the focus has been on the qualitative measures of customer and not on the the quantification of customer value. What is the value of your products and services to your customers? Remarkably few organizations in business markets are able to answer these question. And yet, the ability to quantify and demonstrate this value to your customers can lead to sustained profitability across both positive and negative business cycles. See how we have helped organizations to identify levers for price improvements, smart cost reductions, and uncover new sources of revenue case study.

Approach to Customer Value Quantification


Discover which products and services have the highest potential for quantifying value.

Plan Initiatives

Develop and prioritize initiatives for quantification such as pricing strategies, success criteria and allocated teams.

Empower Teams

Teams gain the knowledge and skills to build customer value models and learn how to research customer value.

Value Research

Teams gather customer value data through customer interviews and internal / external data collection to construct value models.

Business Case

Develop business cases / ROI models showing expected incremental profitability. These are presented to senior management for allocation of resources/funds for changes.

Realize & Sustain Value

Teams implement changes and put in place mechanisms to track / report benefits realized. Sales training and related artifacts are updated to highlight the value. Value teams continuously improve models to extract greater value.

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