The Spotify Model with Jimmy Janlen

About Jimmy

Jimmy has been an Agile coach in Spotify in their critical growth periods early on in 2013-2014 and later in 2016-2018. He’s also one of two main trainers at CRISP to teach their Spotify courses in Europe.

He is an Agile coach and Teacher, with Stockholm as home base. In addition to coaching, I hold courses and seminars about various things agile and lean such as agile leadership, agile adaptations, large scale agile, team dynamics, large scale agile, team dynamics and facilitation.

“I’ve seen deeply dysfunctional organizations, as well as truly agile, lean, big, organic and team oriented organizations. Based on these experiences I understand that agile is a big experiment and in some people’s mind still is an unproved hypothesis. But as long as there are people who believe in top-down management, long-term planning, that there is a ‘best’ way of doing things and that continuous learning costs too much – I believe there is still room for improvement in the world.”

Also: Bureaucracy therapist. Cultural acupuncture. Cross company pollinator. Visualization Magician. Teacher. Speaker. 

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Participant Quotes

”I literally woke up at 2:00 am thinking of how I can affect change in my company and couldn’t fall back to sleep”

”Great content that covers all aspects”

”Authentic real insights from someone who actually worked at Spotify”

”Great to learn about all examples on how to support the autonomous squad”

”I cannot wait to start thinking what I will apply / tweak / convert…”

”Great combo of theory, examples and exercises”

”Love the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers”

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Learn from one of Spotify’s most known coaches Jimmy Janlén

Value Transformed + Agile with Jimmy partnered to offer TWO Spotify courses (details are below) virtually across Canada and the USA. Two courses are offered below based on who you are and what you are most interested in. Please check the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for extra info.

If tickets are sold out, please provide your email to be alerted about future sessions (bottom-left of this page).

The Spotify Model for Agile Practitioners (max. 20 participants)

Tuesday May 18 to Friday May 21 @ Four Half-days 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST / EDT Toronto

“The Spotify Model” of agile at scale has been getting a surprising amount of attention in the agile community since it was first shared widely in 2012. The Spotify Engineering Culture videos have more than 500 000 views. It was never intended as a framework or a model, it was just a case study of the Spotify way of working at the time. That has not stopped a large number of organizations from copying or imitating the model, often without understanding what it was optimized for, what challenges it comes with or how Spotify has adapted and continued to evolve in the five years since.

During this training, you will gain a deep and wide knowledge of how Spotify works under the hood. With this deeper understanding, you will be able to see more options on how to improve your organizational design with regard to your context and boundaries. You will learn why Spotify made the decisions they made, what other options were considered, which changes were intentional and which ones were emergent, and so on. We will explore the underlying principles as well as go into specific practices and mechanisms. You will learn how Spotify combines small autonomous teams with strategic business alignment. How Spotify works with leadership and growing leaders. How they work with innovation. Which values and beliefs shape their culture. And much much more.

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Designed for: Agile Practitioners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Technology / People Manager, & more

Please contact Adam via LinkedIn for nonprofit tickets (very limited).

The Spotify Model for Executives & Startups (max 15 participants)

Thursday June 17 to Friday June 18 @ Two Half-days 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST / EDT Toronto

This training is a condensed version of the two day training “The Spotify Model for Coaches & Agile Practitioners” packaged and framed for executives, head of departments, leaders and start-ups.

During this training, you will get actionable insights into how to build an organization that enables agile at scale and unleashes the power of small autonomous product teams. You will have plenty of examples and inspiration from how Spotify grew a dynamic learning organization that continually reinforces a high-trust culture, works with active servant leadership and how the organization supports engaged teams. How strategic business alignment and boundaries enable autonomy and innovation, both on team level and on tribe level.

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Designed for: Change Leaders, C-Level Executives, Business Leaders, Enterprise Coaches, Startup Leaders, Heads of Departments, & more

Please contact Adam via LinkedIn for nonprofit tickets (very limited).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course sanctioned by Spotify?
A: Yes, Jimmy and other Crisp staff have the blessing of Spotify to offer these courses. Here is a similar course offered in Sweden by CRISP.

Q: Is this course trained by Spotify coaches?
A: Jimmy will share his experiences and viewpoints as an independent Agile coach while he was working at Spotify, but not as an official representative of Spotify.

Q: Is there a certification offered with these courses?
A: At the end of the course you will receive a certification of completion (issued by Agile with Jimmy).

Q: Can I earn Project Manager PDUs / Scrum Master SEUs as part of this course?
A: Unfortunatelly. This course is too new and too exclusive.

Q: Are there any course prerequisites?
A: Basic knowledge of Agile principles and practices (e.g., experience with Scrum) will help you better understand some of the content.

Q: I’m not in Canada / USA. Can I attend the course?
A: Yes go ahead but please note the EST / EDT time zone.

Q: I’m from a nonprofit / charity. Is there a discount?
A: Yes there are very limited nonprofit seats available please contact Adam via LinkedIn to take advantage of these.

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