Training Videos

How to run Retrospectives

Retrospective – Overview
Retrospective – Frequently Asked Questions
Retrospective – Modified Three Questions Approach
Retrospective – Rocketship Approach
Retrospective – Sailboat Approach
Retrospective – Racecar Approach

Retrospective Upgrades

Retrospective Upgrade – Today’s Weather Report
Retrospective Upgrade – Movie Review
Retrospective Upgrade – Emoji Moods
Retrospective Upgrade – Team Happiness

Daily Team Standup Approaches

Daily Standups – Overview
Daily Standups – Frequently Asked Questions
Daily Standups – Modified Three Questions
Daily Standups – Story-Centric Approach
Daily Standups – Goal-Centric Approach
Daily Standups – Story Type / Class of Service

Daily Team Standup Upgrades

Daily Standups Upgrade – “Meet After” Session
Daily Standups Upgrade – Product Owner Review
Daily Standups Upgrade – Peer Feedback
Daily Standups Upgrade – Team Quiz
Daily Standups Upgrade – Top Barista
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