Transform Your Leaders

Leadership roles, and specifically those or transformation champions, have undergone a significant shift including:

  • Shift from (A) technical manager to (B) empowering people-leader to (C) supportive coach & integrator
  • Shift from (A) execution / delivery-centric to (B) outcomes-centric to (C) both outcomes and people-centric
  • Shift from (A) balancing work & life to (B) integrating work & life to (C) purpose-centric with work inside life’s purpose

Executive Retreat Workshops

Are you planning an executive event or retreat? Perhaps you are looking for a compelling high-impact session to inform and shift mindsets of your senior leadership team? Below are just some of the topics we offer. Full list and formats are available on the Executive Keynotes & Workshops page

  • The Raw Transformation – Embracing the most difficult leadership conversations
  • The Impossible Choice – Pursuing win-win solutions in People vs Profit tradeoffs
  • Harnessing the Resistance to Change – Understanding and using employee resistance to organizational change
  • Leading a Burned-out Workforce – Burnout as organizational and professional opportunity
  • Hope Deferred – Rediscovering purpose and hope for the person behind the executive
  • The Secret Formula – Rapidly achieving deep executive alignment

Relevant Workshops

Here are just some of the workshops we offer to enable and empower leaders in this area

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