Business Accelerator Workshops

Are your current business approaches and processes no longer EFFECTIVE in the new disrupted, competitive, and increasingly digital world? Are you trying to find the best and fastest was to get back on track? More importantly, are you trying to get ahead of your competition?

It’s a strange thing. We constantly evolve the products and services we sell. We constantly evolve our business, sales, and marketing strategies. We constantly upgrade our software and hardware. We accept our customers and markets constantly changing. Yet we resist the same level of evolution to the way we operate.

What if you could quickly learn and adopt the operating approaches that Fortune 500 companies use to make them so successful?

  • Googles rapid product prototyping and testing approach
  • Salesforce business planning approach
  • Netflix portfolio and program planning approach
  • Hubspot’s customer journey / experience planning approach
  • Many many more…

Example: Google Ventures Design Sprint:

Not only you can learn these approaches, you can implement them or try them out in your organizations in just days! That’s right. Not months. Not weeks. All you need is a few days! Here are just a few ACCELERATOR WORKSHOPS nicknamed “Sprints”:

Business Strategy & Planning

Agile Transformation

Evolving Your Products and Services

Evolving Your Customer Experiences

Evolving Your Portfolio & Program Planning

Evolving Your Digital & IT

Besides learning these approaches, you will also get a Business Transformation Expert that will help you adapt these specifically for your organization. That’s one of many ways we’ll make sure you can successfully use these approaches.