New Agile Team Bootcamp Sprint

WHY this Workshop?

Kickstart your Agile Team in just 3 days! This “sprint” is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to train, design, plan, and kick-off you new Agile / Scrum team.

Most valuable, as part of this workshop we train and equip a leader in your organization on HOW to deliver this workshop in the future. We teach you “how to fish” and apply this in the future to tackle the next big challenge.

HOW does it work?

  • Prerequisites for this Workshop
    • The BIG WHY: Why does your business want to introduce or grow their Agile practice? What are the benefits and KPIs the Agile team will be driving?
    • Current HOW: Diagrams describing your current project management and team management processes and structures.
    • Current WHAT:
    • All members of the future Agile team or teams (including future Scrum Master and Product Owner) with 3 committed days (5 days for the leader in training)
  • Pre-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • AM: Session purpose, overview, format, logistics, setup, and formal invitation
    • PM: Detailed workshop run-through focusing on leader facilitation
    • Outcome: Workshop readiness and clear purpose
  • Day 1: Agile & Scrum Foundations crash-course [6 to 30 people / 1 to 3 teams]
    • AM: Training on Agile and Scrum Principles and Mindset
    • PM: Training Roles, Ceremonies, Artifacts, etc.
    • Outcome: Shared Agile & Scrum Understanding
  • Day 2: Design and Plan [6 to 30 people / 1 to 3 teams]
    • AM: Product design, writing Epics, Features, Stories and Acceptance criteria for actual work your Team is meant to work on
    • Optional: Setup your Scrum or Kanban board on JIRE, VSO, Trello, or other tool
    • PM: Develop sprint schedule, release schedule, meeting cadence, and business owner communication paths
    • Outcome: Plan how to apply Agile for your organization and team
  • Day 3: One-day Practice Sprint [6 to 30 people / 1 to 3 teams]
    • 2 hrs: Sprint Planning including story estimation and solution design
    • 3 hrs: Collaborative hands-on work in new Agile team which coaching and direction to ensure your team knows how to apply the knowledge
    • 2 hrs: Team Demo, Retrospective, Backlog “Grooming”
    • Outcome: Agile team readiness
  • Post-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Workshop retrospective and leader training
    • Collaboratively produce and edit final version of all resulting work and decisions (draft version is available right after Day 3 of the workshop).
    • Outcome: All final documentation and assets

WHO should participate?

  • Current team that is expected to transition to Agile (even if roles are not yet confirmed) including Product Owner and Scrum Master
  • Agile Leader or Coach leading and mentoring the team
  • At least one ultimate decision maker (e.g. VP) who can enter the stage in a few critical times to direct key decisions

WHAT do I get out of it?

  • Foundational Agile / Scrum knowledge
  • Initial Team Backlog with complete Stories (including acceptance criteria)
  • Setup team Scrum or Kanban board
  • Product release plan / schedule
  • Compressed 1-day hands on practical application (includes all ceremonies) to ensure the team understands how to apply the knowledge in their context
  • Most importantly, a Trained Leader in your organizations that can lead this workshop again in the future (including workshop templates and materials).


  • Location is provided by the client (ideally a large boardroom)
  • The room must include a large wall / area minimum 10 meters wide (glass, whiteboard, wood, drywall or any combination) used to plan and visualize findings
  • Large boardroom table for discussion and collaboration
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided by the client


This sprint costs $18,000 CAD (includes cost of materials) 

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Workshop location (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Travel, room, board, and related

Next Steps

Do you have other questions?

Access the Sprint Workshop FAQ page