Business Plan Sprint

WHY this Workshop?

Invent or reinvent your business using an innovative approach called Lean Business Canvas to create your new business plan in just 3-5 days! Used by Lego and many other successful businesses, this sprint is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to develop key components of a comprehensive, powerful, and emotive business plan ready for sharing with your investors and / or other stakeholders.

Most valuable, as part of this workshop we train and equip a leader in your organization on HOW to deliver this workshop in the future. We teach you “how to fish” and apply this to future business needs.

What is Lean Canvas?

Lean Business Model Canvas (short name = Lean Canvas) is a new way of developing powerful Business Plans clearly, quickly, effectively, and ready for action. Founded on Lean principles, popularized by Business Model Toolbox / LeanStack / Strategizer and used by innovative businesses like Lego… Lean Business Canvas is the best way to rapidly create and continuously evolve a solid business plan in a disruptive marketplace and / or rapidly evolving organization.

Lean Business Canvas Structure

HOW does it work?

  • Prerequisites for this Sprint
    • Any preliminary Business Strategy
    • Any preliminary Industry Overview
    • Any preliminary Product / Service List and Concepts
    • Any preliminary Market and Competitive Analysis including at least 3 direct competitors
    • Key Business Stakeholders with 5 committed days (7 days for the leader)
  • Pre-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • AM: Session purpose, overview, format, logistics, setup, and formal invitation
    • PM: Detailed workshop run-through focusing on leader facilitation
    • Outcome: Workshop readiness and clear purpose
  • Day 1: Business Context / Current State [key 2 to 6 business owners]
    • AM: Market, & Competitive Analysis
    • PM: Quickly create “Current State” Canvas
    • Outcome: Clear understanding of business context and current state
  • Day 2: Defining Future Customers & Solutions [team of 2 to 6 business stakeholders]
    • AM: WHO: Customer Segments and Problem to be Solved
    • PM: HOW: Solution, Channels, and Competitive Advantages
    • Outcome: Clear vision for customers (WHO), the problem / solution (HOW) before going into WHAT
  • Day 3: Resulting Future Products, Revenue Streams, & Costs [key 2 to 6 business owners plus max 6 sales / marketing leads]
    • AM: Resulting unique Value Proposition / Products (WHAT)
    • PM: Revenue Streams & Cost Structure (WHAT)
    • Outcome: Clarity on Products and Revenue (WHAT)
  • Optional Day 4: Execution Plan [key 2 to 6 business owners plus max 6 operations / finance leads]
    • AM: Develop Plan for how to move from Current State to Ideal State
    • PM: Develop effective Roadmap for various activities (people, process, technology, financing)
    • Outcome: Clear vision for how to proceed forward
  • Optional Day 5: Draft Business Plan Presentation [key 2 to 6 business owners]
    • AM: Develop powerful emotive Executive Summary
    • PM: Develop draft Business Plan presentation based on Canvas
    • Outcome: Clear vision for the business plan and how to use it
  • Post-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • AM: Workshop retrospective and leader training
    • PM: Collaboratively produce final version of all resulting work and decisions (draft version is available right after Day 3 of the workshop).
    • Outcome: All final documentation and assets

WHO should participate?

  • Key owners and drivers for each part of the plan including product, sales, marketing, operations, and financing
  • Key staff or vendor providing industry and competitive research
  • At least one ultimate decision makes (e.g. Business Founder / Owner) who can enter the stage in a few critical times to direct key decisions

WHAT do I get out of it?

  • Clear, well informed, and powerful vision via Business Model Canvas
  • Cross-stakeholder alignment & engagement ensuring successful execution of the business plan.
  • Optional: Focused yet comprehensive Execution Plan (methods & roadmap) guiding you on how to get to your future state.
  • Optional: Draft Business Plan (PowerPoint) powerfully articulating (to investors and other stakeholders) HOW you plan to achieve your business goals.
  • Most importantly, a Trained Leader in your organizations that can lead this workshop again in the future (including workshop templates and materials).


  • For virtual workshop, we will provide online tools (Mural)
  • For on-site workshops, location is provided by the client (ideally a large boardroom)
  • The room must include a large wall / area minimum 10 meters wide (glass, whiteboard, wood, drywall or any combination) used to plan and visualize findings
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided by the client


This workshop costs $18,000 CAD / $15,000 USD (includes cost of materials)
Optional days +$4,000 CAN / + $3,000 USD

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Workshop location (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Travel, room, board, and related

Do you have other questions?

Access the Sprint Workshop FAQ page