Business Playbook Sprint

WHY this Workshop?

Create an awesome business / organizational strategy and plan using Salesforce’s powerful V2MOM approach in just 3 to 5 days. Discover, develop, test, and firm up a shared annual plan. Capture this plan in a holistic, emotive, powerful “playbook” that can inform, direct, and motivate your staff to be successful.

Most valuable, as part of this workshop we train and equip a leader in your organization on HOW to deliver this workshop in the future. We teach you “how to fish” and apply this to future business needs.

What is V2MOM?

As Marc Benioff describes “Essentially, V2MOM is an exercise in awareness in which the result is total alignment.” For Salesforce, this approach is at core of its success. Covered by INC, Medium, Business Insider, and featured in books like “Behind the Cloud”. In author’s own words:

“At, everything we do in terms of organiza­tional management is based on our V2MOM. It is the core way we run our business; it allows us to define our goals and organize a principled way to execute them; and it takes into consideration our constant drive to evolve.”

HOW does it work?

  • Prerequisites for this Sprint
    • Current Strategy (one of Organizational, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc. strategies)
    • Clear visions of key audiences for the book
    • Senior stakeholder (CEO, VPs, & directors) team for 3 committed days plus cross functional leadership team for 5 committed days (and 7 days for the leader)
  • Pre-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Session purpose, overview, format, logistics, setup, and formal invitation
    • Detailed workshop run-through focusing on leader facilitation
    • Outcome: Workshop readiness and clear purpose
  • Day 1: Playbook Context [executive & leadership team of 12 to 50 staff]
    • AM: Building a shared understanding about the strategy, V2MOM approach, what is a playbook, and how it’s intended to be used within your business / organization
    • PM: Define shared, compelling, emotive, and powerful VISION & VALUES
    • Outcome: Develop the essential shared Vision & Values
  • Day 2: Create Executive V2MOM [executive team of 3 to 12 staff]
    • AM: CEO & VPs create, align, communicate, and validate their own V2MOM’s
    • PM: Executive V2MOMs are shared with Directors for feedback & questions then finalized
    • Outcome: Executive V2MOMs are finalized
  • Day 3: Director level V2MOMs [leadership then executive team of 12 to 50 staff]
    • AM: Directors collaborate to create, align, communicate, and validate their V2MOMs (with each other)
    • PM: VPs validate, evolve, and approve Director-level V2MOMs
  • Day 4: Playbook Creation [support team of 3 to 12 staff]
    • AM: Executive support team drafts key messaging for “Playbook” to get alignment and approval
    • PM: Executive support team creates “Playbook” prototype to demo to key staff for feedback
  • Day 5: Test and Finalize Your Playbook [support team of 3 to 12 staff]
    • AM: Test the Playbook content with 3-5 staff interviews to discover key concerns for Q&A (also any potential pivots)
    • PM: Regroup together (everyone) to review staff feedback, make the necessary Playbook adjustments and approve it for release
    • Outcome: Draft Playbook is ready for staff announcement
  • Post-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Workshop retrospective and leader training
    • Collaboratively produce final version of all resulting work and decisions (draft version is available right after Day 3 of the workshop).
    • Outcome: All final documentation and assets

WHO should participate?

  • Staff who created the initial strategy
  • Executive team: CEO + VPS
  • Leadership team: Directors and other key stakeholders
  • Executive support team: Cross-functional team tasked with creating the actual “Playbook” document, demo / preview with key staff, and ultimately communicating it to all staff.

WHAT do I get out of it?

  • A group of stakeholders who are bought-in, aligned, informed, and ready to execute on the strategy contained in the Playbook
  • 10-page draft Business Playbook including:
    1. Relevant, compelling, emotive, and powerful VISION (page 1)
    2. Clear VALUES to guide all business activities (page 2)
    3. Synopsis of EXECUTIVE strategy & plan (based on CEO & VP V2MOMs / page 3)
    4. Deeper dive on Method 1 Director-level strategy & plan (based on Director V2MOMs / pages 4-9)
    5. Next Steps and Key Q&A Section (page 10)
  • Most importantly, a Trained Leader in your organizations that can lead this workshop again in the future (including workshop templates and materials).


  • For virtual workshop, we will provide online tools (Mural)
  • For on-site workshops, location is provided by the client (ideally a large boardroom)
  • The room must include a large wall / area minimum 10 meters wide (glass, whiteboard, wood, drywall or any combination) used to plan and visualize findings
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided by the client


This workshop costs $21,000 CAD / $17,000 USD (includes cost of materials)

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Workshop location (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Travel, room, board, and related

Do you have other questions?

Access the Sprint Workshop FAQ page