Digital Transformation Design Sprint

WHY this Workshop?

Build your Digital Transformation Plan in just 4 days! This sprint is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to collaboratively create a holistic, comprehensive, and detailed plan for your unique Digital Transformation.

Most valuable, as part of this workshop we train and equip a leader in your organization on HOW to deliver this workshop in the future. We teach you “how to fish” and apply this in the future to tackle the next big challenge.

HOW does it work?

  • Prerequisites for this Workshop
    (can be provided by client or via Digital Transformation Strategy Sprint)

    • The WHY: Clear, powerful, emotive, compelling, and relevant purpose for your staff to adopt the changes
    • The HOW: An existing high-level 1-2 year roadmap for Digital Transformation
      The WHAT: A comprehensive list of efforts, costs (direct and indirect), and risks required for your unique Digital Transformation
    • Cross functional team with 4 committed days (6 days for the leader)
  • Pre-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Session purpose, overview, format, logistics, setup, and formal invitation
    • Detailed workshop run-through focusing on leader facilitation
    • Outcome: Workshop readiness and clear purpose
  • Day 1: Understand the Big Challenge [team of 6 to 20 people]
    • AM: Map out existing Digital Transformation steps, milestones, and other complexities. Learn about the five aspects of Digital Transformation and establish balanced KPIs.
    • PM: Develop initial Systems & Infrastructure level of the plan
    • Outcome: Create the basic structure for the Digital Transformation Plan
  • Day 2: Round 1 of Planning [team of 6 to 20 people]
    • AM: Develop initial Structure & Capability / Skill level of the plan
    • PM: Develop initial Staff Training & Transition level of the plan
    • Outcome: Create more comprehensive plan that includes all training and staff changes
  • Day 3: Round 2 of Planning [team of 6 to 20 people]
    • AM: Develop initial Risk & Vendor Management level of the plan
    • PM: Develop initial Culture Change & Communications levels of the plan
    • Outcome: Create a draft version of the complete Digital Transformation plan
  • Day 4: Round 3 of Planning [team of 6 to 20 people]
    • AM: Consolidate the plan with key dependencies, milestones, risks, KPIs, and preliminary costs
    • PM: Firm up the final version of the plan for shared commitment and confidence vote
    • Outcome: A well-informed, holistic, comprehensive Digital Transformation execution plan ready for your execution.
  • Post-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Workshop retrospective and leader training
    • Collaboratively produce final version of all resulting work and decisions (draft version is available right after Day 3 of the workshop).
    • Outcome: All final documentation and assets

WHO should participate?

  • Digital and IT Managers and Directors involved in the Digital Transformation
  • Key stakeholders impacted by the Digital Transformation (e.g. Finance, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing)
  • Legal, compliance, risk management and any other regulatory stakeholders necessary to develop the roadmap
  • At least one ultimate decision makes (e.g. VP of IT) who can enter the stage in a few critical times to direct key decisions

WHAT do I get out of it?

  • A well-informed, holistic, comprehensive Digital Transformation execution plan including clarity and shared buy-in into:
    • Necessary systems and infrastructure changes
    • Necessary organizational structure and capabilities changes
    • Necessary staff training and transition changes
    • Necessary risk and vendor management changes
    • Necessary culture changes and internal communications
  • An engaged invigorated executive team of organizational leaders excited and ready to implement the Digital Transformation
  • Most importantly, a Trained Leader in your organizations that can lead this workshop again in the future (including workshop templates and materials).


  • For virtual workshop, we will provide online tools (Mural)
  • For on-site workshops, location is provided by the client (ideally a large boardroom)
  • The room must include a large wall / area minimum 10 meters wide (glass, whiteboard, wood, drywall or any combination) used to plan and visualize findings
  • Large boardroom table for discussion and collaboration
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided by the client


This workshop costs $21,000 CAD / $17,000 USD (includes cost of materials)

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Workshop location (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Travel, room, board, and related

Do you have other questions?

Access the Sprint Workshop FAQ page