Product Service Strategy Sprint

WHY this Workshop?

Create your product or service strategy in just 3 days! This sprint is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to define your target customer, to define your product / service, and to create a powerful narrative that will effectively promote your product / service to your target customer.

Most valuable, as part of this workshop we train and equip a leader in your organization on HOW to deliver this workshop in the future. We teach you “how to fish” and apply this to future business needs.

HOW does it work?

  • Prerequisites for this Sprint
    • Current Product / Sales Information
    • Current Customer Information
    • Cross functional team with 3 committed days (5 days for the leader)
  • Pre-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Session purpose, overview, format, logistics, setup, and formal invitation
    • Detailed workshop run-through focusing on leader facilitation
    • Outcome: Workshop readiness and clear purpose
  • Day 1: Understanding customers & their motivations [team of 6 to 15 people]
    • AM: Customer Segment Persona development (both existing and opportunity)
    • PM: Customer Empathy Map development
    • Outcome: Clear holistic understanding of the customer
  • Day 2: Defining your Product / Service [team of 6 to 15 people]
    • AM: Discover initial product / service definition for relevant Customer Persona
    • PM: Evolving product / service definition increase relevance and motivation
    • Outcome: Clear holistic understanding of the product / service
  • Day 3: Creating Product / Service stories [team of 6 to 15 people]
    • AM: Product / service narrative (via storyboard) development
    • PM: Storyboard presentation to 3-5 customers for feedback
    • Outcome: Powerful, relevant, and customer-tested product / service narrative
  • Post-Planning & Leader Training [Leader only]
    • Workshop retrospective and leader training
    • Collaboratively produce final version of all resulting work and decisions (draft version is available right after Day 3 of the workshop).
    • Outcome: All final documentation and assets

WHO should participate?

  • Product Managers / Owners responsible for the product / service vision and direction
  • Marketing and Sales Leads / Managers / Team Members responsible for promoting and selling the product / service
  • Business Insights Leads / Managers / Team Members responsible for customer and business insights critical to make business decisions
  • User Experience Leads / Managers / Team Members responsible for customer experiences
  • Implementation and delivery Leads / Managers / Team Members responsible for creation and delivery of the product / service
  • At least one ultimate decision makes (e.g. Product / Service Director) who can enter the stage in a few critical times to direct key decisions

WHAT do I get out of it?

  • Prioritized, holistic, and comprehensive Personas for your key Customer Segments prioritized based on value / opportunity (11 X 17 posters including confirmed demographics, psychographics, typical contexts, typical behaviours,  empathy map, and their motivation to acquire your product or service).
  • Clear Product / Service Definition that’s most relevant and emotive to the highest opportunity customer segment (11 X 17 poster including clear benefit hypothesis, competitive differentiator(s), and preliminary description for top-funnel TOFU, middle-funnel MOFU, and bottom-funnel BOFU communications).
  • Product / Service narrative via Commercial Storyboard (1 per product / service) to be used as guideline for targeted customer segment communications and ads (11 X 17 poster including a relevant storyline, relevant context, and strong emotive call to action).
  • Most importantly, a Trained Leader in your organizations that can lead this workshop again in the future (including workshop templates and materials).


  • Location is provided by the client (ideally a large boardroom)
  • The room must include a large wall / area minimum 10 meters wide (glass, whiteboard, wood, drywall or any combination) used to plan and visualize findings
  • Large boardroom table for discussion and collaboration
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided by the client


This workshop costs $18,000 CAD / $15,000 USD (includes cost of materials)

Please note: Multiple products / services often require multiple workshops.

Additional as-needed costs covered by the client (can be provided at additional cost):

  • Workshop location (provided by the client)
  • Any food / drinks / treats provided during the workshop
  • Travel, room, board, and related

Do you have other questions?

Access the Sprint Workshop FAQ page