Sprint FAQs

FAQs for Sprint Workshops

Q: How are you able to go through these complex processes so quickly?
A: We use various LEAN and Agile principles to (1) reduce the complexity of steps to only critical steps, (2) have everyone in the room together to enable fast decisions, (3) use a highly results-oriented process (zero wasted time), and (4) keep session pace / energy level very high to move things quickly.

Q: How do you manage people who may be opposing this activity or not engaged?
A: Engagement is rarely a problem. The format of the workshop is highly collaborative, engaging, and fun. Still if someone is in direct opposition of the workshop, we expose the problem openly, address is head on, and collaboratively decide on how to move forward.

Q: How do you navigate around internal politics and power struggles in the business / organization?
A: The format of the session either exposes them or negates them. All exercises are group exercises. Key decision makes are invited only at specific times to make informed decisions. For example, workshop that include an ideation have everyone sharing. We use shared dot voting in most selection stages. When possible, we include research and customer validation to tackle difficult topics / issues.

Q: How do you ensure these workshops continue bringing value and are acted upon after you leave?
A: We do this in three ways. First, we partner with and equip one leaders to continue the work after the workshop. Second, the format of the workshop naturally aligns all those involved so after they will continue the vision set during the workshop. Third, we offer other complementary services to assist in execution of workshop outcomes.